SMS LAUSANNE’S EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY IS TO COACH OUR STUDENTS TO BECOME TRUE PROFESSIONALS! We accomplish this by immersing them in real-life case studies. Our campus at the Maison du Sport International in Laussane is the heart of this teaching method.

To put this philosophy into practice, SMS Lausanne is launching #DoneByStudents. More than a simple hashtag, this teaching project will be the guiding thread of all of our students’ work. It’s a question of Real-life situations are given priority in practical and real-life missions. We proudly present our 2nd-year BACHELOR Sports Business Management students’ first projects as a concrete example.

Their mission was to create a digital content campaign featuring a sport based in the Maison du Sport International as a way to present the school campus.

A team of PRO occupational coaches accompanied them during this unique experience.


Thanks to his experience as an athlete, most notably for the Red Bull brand, Mat plays many roles when accompanying SMS Lausanne students during their studies.

The driving force behind plenty of crazy projects he created, produced and starred in the video SnoMX. He knows a video production must respect specific criteria to be successful and get plenty of views.

A former Event and Sponsoring student of Valérie Atkinson (SMS Lausanne Director), the Freestyle Motocross star was a coach and jury member for the first edition of the #DoneByStudents mission.


Director and producer Jérôme Piguet play a leading role in this real-life mission. He taught students the keys to concept creation, shoot organization, filming, and editing their projects with his colleague Raphaël Sibilla.

Jérôme’s experience in numerous sectors, specifically sport, helped him accompany these creations with pertinent professional advice from a client, agency, or producer’s standpoint.

Jérôme put to use his fantastic talent as a creative, cameraman, editor, and entrepreneur to help guide the #DoneByStudents project and guarantee an unforgettable experience for the students.


Raphaël Sibilla is also a director and producer. A documentary film specialist, he collaborates closely with Jérôme Piguet.

Raphaël brought an artistic vision to the practical mission proposed to the students. His skill and experience were precious aids in developing the #DoneByStudents films. Raphaël was also a jury member with Mat Rebeaud and offered constructive advice to enable students to improve from one project to the next. 

GROUPE III / 11 to 24 August 2021 #SlamYourStudies


A new episode of the #DoneByStudents series was a content production project directed and presented by the students. Remember, the mission was to present the SMS Lausanne campus via a sport with a federation based in the Maison du Sport International.

The sport chosen for this video stood out by setting a record at the Tokyo Olympics for the youngest Olympian since 1968, 12-year old Syrian Hend Zaza!

Do you know in what sport she competed?

#SlamYourStudies presented the SMS campus through a game of table tennis. Pretty special!

Fany, Axel, and Nicolas didn’t just create and direct; they were the stars of their film!

Precise storyboarding helped plan the video’s scenes. Jérôme Piguet and Raphaël Sibillia served as acting coaches for Fany and Nicolas, while Axel took control of the shoot.

The project demonstrated the students’ motivation and engagement exceptionally well.







Credits: Creative concept / Directors of filming and post-production: Fany Erb / Axel Testuz / Nicolas Vouillamoz

Coaches: Creative, filming and post-production: Jérôme Piguet, Raphaël Sibillia

Actors: Fany Erb / Nicolas Vouillamoz

GROUPE II / 26 July to 8 August 2021


It’s time to present the second project. It’s all about aesthetics. The beauty of movement takes the stage alongside the architecture of the Maison du Sport International. Alannah convinced her fellow students Noah and Sébastien, to present her passion, dancing, via the World DanceSport Federation based in the Maison du Sport International like SMS.

The production introduces SMS students’ day-to-day routines in the heart of this renowned international sports business complex. Dance your way through the common areas like the cafeteria, workspaces, and the campus grounds where MSI professionals and SMS students interact.

Alannah is the dancer in the group. Alongside coaches Jérôme Piguet and Raphaël Sibillia, they used their imagination to put her passion at the project’s core. That’s also an essential part of SMS: introducing your passion into your work because you work better when you do something you love.

We’ll let you discover #RhythmYourStudies…






Credits: Creative concept / Directors of filming and post-production: Alannah Mancini / Noah Monge / Sébastien Martin

Coaches: Creative, filming and post-production: Jérôme Piguet, Raphaël Sibillia

**GROUPE I / 12 to 25 July 2021


The first project presented was a significant focus of Olympic coverage. To fulfill, Coline, Tiago, and Nathan’s mission, they approached World Skate. Why such a choice? One of this international federation’s disciplines was present at the Olympics for the first time in Tokyo.

Can you guess which sport it is? SKATEBOARDING.

These SMS students called on the talents of a regional skateboarder who just missed qualifying for the Japanese Games. Unfortunately, no Swiss skaters qualified. This film is the occasion to showcase his skills while discovering the surroundings of the SMS campus at the Maison du Sport in Lausanne.

Situated on the lakeshore in Vidy, the school environment features almost every kind of sporting structure imaginable: beach volleyball court, football field, basketball court, skatepark, tennis court, archery range, running tracks, and sailing center. 






Credits: Creative concept / Directors of filming and post-production: Coline Petit-Jean / Nathan Dugast / Tiago Lourenço de Oliveira

Coaches: Creative, filming and post-production: Jérôme Piguet, Raphaël Sibillia

Rider: Greg Ruhoff




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